Lead Software Architect - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Development | January 2021 - January 2022

Adapted products for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model within AWS infrastructure. Performed developer advocacy role to evangelize and educate developers and senior management on the use of our Internal Developer Platform (IDP). This involved public speaking as well as regular recorded presentations, demos, and podcasts.

Team Lead Programming - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Development | July 2018 - January 2021

Spearheaded technology adoption while leading a team to build an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) on top of Kubernetes.
Duties included the evaluation of technologies and creation of roadmaps and objectives pursuant to a fully automated CI/CD pipeline.
This includes the incorporation of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) best practices as we transitioned into a public cloud (AWS) from private datacenters. Introduced regularly scheduled “Bedrock Office Hours” events for our internal developer community (~200 developers) to evangelize the adoption and proper use of the developer platform. This involved public speaking events, demonstrations, and creation of long-form written content.

Senior Software Engineer Project Lead | May 2013 - July 2018

Core member of the Innovations department.
Architected and currently implementing a microservices platform for our Meter Data Management system housing over 700 billion readings in a Cassandra database.
Duties include researching and evangelizing new technologies needed to expand the capability and performance of the system.
Technologies include Apache Kafka, SpringBoot-based microservices using Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS projects, and the establishment of a “Cloud Data Warehouse” for varying-term retention of member data within an Hadoop ecosystem using Hive and Spark.
End goal is for an automated pipeline of containerized services within a Kubernetes environment to enable on-demand scaling of systems with multi-datacenter capabilities.

Initiated the shift from monolithic applications to a microservice-based approach, where warranted, for the entire enterprise.
Evangelized the paradigm to management, development, and operations groups across the enterprise providing advisement and coaching as needed.

Previously worked on a high-volume, cloud-based, messaging middleware application delivering several million messages per month for our members. Destinations include email, SMS, and mobile push notifications utilizing RESTful web services, Big Data technologies (Cassandra, Hadoop, and Pig), RabbitMQ messaging, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), and Google Guice for dependency injection. Prior to joining this project, the application was encountering a great deal of performance and stability issues at a fraction of the current volume. With time, this application has evolved into a very stable and dependable messaging infrastructure, easily handling the increased volumes.